Frequently Asked Questions

Windy Oaks Wines

Where can I get Windy Oaks wines?

A few of our wines are carried in local restaurants and wine shops, but the best way to get a full selection of our wines is by visiting our tasting room or joining our Wine Group; you can also order our wines online.

Can I drink current releases or should I hold them for a while?

We do not release a wine unless it is ready to drink; however, if your wine is shipped to you, you should let it rest for a couple of weeks before consuming it. Due to our long barrel aging and other factors, our wines will continue to improve in bottles for at least 5-8 years.

With what foods will Windy Oaks Pinots pair well?

Our pinots pair well with a wide variety of foods from grilled salmon to lamb or duck, pork or veal. Our pinots are also ideal for vegetarians because of their delicate layering, while not overwhelming vegetable dishes.

Visiting Windy Oaks

Do you have private tastings, tours, or other events?

We do schedule private tastings. We also offer private vineyard tours and gourmet box lunches for small parties. See Public Events for details.

Do you allow dogs?

We welcome dogs on a leash in the vineyard, and on the ridge, but they are NOT permitted on the tasting patio or in the tasting room. . 


Where do you ship?

We can ship to most states in the U.S. at a very modest cost.

Do I need to be at home to receive my shipment?

Federal law requires a signature for all wine shipments. However, we can arrange to ship to a local FedEx office which will hold your shipment until it is convenient for you to pick up. Many of these offices are open on Saturday and Sunday.